USA to France Unlimited Calling by Ultra Mobile $29 Plan

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USA to France Unlimited Calling by Ultra Mobile $29 Plan

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This Offer includes One Ultra Mobile triple punch Travel SIM Card and 1 months of Ultra Mobile $29 Plan service

Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited International Calling To France and 80+ other International Countries from USA
  • $5.00 Call Anywhere Credit
  • Unlimited Global SMS
  • 5GB of 4G LTE, Unlimited Data at Lower Speeds
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • UltraUp More 4G LTE Data

Special Price: $19.99

Regular Price: $45.99

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This Offer includes One Ultra Mobile triple punch Travel SIM Card and 1 months of Ultra Mobile $29 Plan service

Plan Offers:--

  • Unlimited International Calling from USA to over 80+ other Countries including India
  • $5.00 Call Anywhere Credit, Unlimited Global SMS
  • 5GB of 4G LTE, Unlimited Data at Lower Speeds
  • $5.00 One-Time Intl Rollover Roaming Credit
  • Nationwide Coverage UltraUp More 4G LTE Data
  • Valid for new activations and port-in from other carriers. Not valid for SIM Swap or existing Ultra Customers.


Wifi Talk & Text:

  • This new feature will let your Ultra customers (with select Android devices) to make or receive calls and text messages through a WIFI Network! WiFi Talk and Text gives Ultra Mobile Customers the ability to make or receive voice calls or texts over a WiFi connection if their cellular signal strength is weak or does not exist. WiFi Talk & Text leverages their local WiFi to connect to the carrier's network rather than connecting directly to the carrier's network.



International Roaming with UPRoam :

  • International Roaming allows a Customer to use their phone to call and text while traveling to a set number of countries internationally. Up until now, We are now adding this feature to Ultra Mobile. Ultra Mobile subscribers can now talk and text while traveling outside of the US in 135 countries. Plus, all current and new subscribers will receive a one-time INTL Roaming credit at no extra cost!
  • International Roaming with UPRoam:--

  • 25¢/min to make or receive calls
  • 5¢ to send SMS text messages (receive SMS free)



UpRoam :

  • Want to add to your International Roaming balance? Do it with UpRoam! Just as with UpINTL, UpRoam allows Ultra Mobile subscribers to add money to their International Roaming balance in amounts of $5, $10 or $20 at a time. Subscribers can UpRoam by logging into their account online, texting UPROAM to 6700, paying in person at an Ultra Mobile retail location or calling customer care by dialing 611.



Global Unlimited:

  • Global Unlimited is a $10 add-on that allows Ultra Mobile Customers to call 5 unique numbers within the Globe Network in the Philippines. You can add this feature onto a customer's account immediately, or future date it to start the first day of their next 30-day billing cycle. If a Customer wants to apply the add-on immediately, please explain that it will run out on the last day of their 30-day cycle



Data MyWay:

  • A quick recap of Data My Way, we launched this tool a couple of months ago, This tool allows Ultra Mobile customers to optimize their data usage by toggling between three different data speeds.
  • By optimizing their data settings, where enabling them to conserve their valuable high speed data without impacting the way they use their connected devices. Conserving data allows users to get more out of their high-speed allotment.

    About EZKonnect: is Ultra Mobile Online ecommerce partner and is the only company AUTHORIZED to sell online in United States. Please check Ultra Mobile web site for News announcement. So rest assured, you are buying from approved authorized source.


    Our Service:

    We provide live chat and email support for all of our clients. If you have any questions before you plan to buy a product with us, just reach out to us via live chat or send us an email by clicking contact us message box on ezkonnect website.


    General terms for sale:

    • You must keep the service for atleast 2 months. 2nd month of service will be at regular price of $29. We may cancel your future order if you do not keep the service for 2 months atleast.
    • You are allowed to port your number from other carriers to Ultra Mobile. You will have to submit a port-in request on our website before we will be able to port your number.
    • Most new activations and port-ins are completed with in 4 business hours. If there is any problem with port in or activation it may take up to 72 hours, we will communicate via email.
    • These SIM cards are available only for New Activation and can not be used for SIM Swap purposes
    • This product is only for new Ultra Mobile customers or existing customers who wants a new phone number. It is not valid for existing Ultra Mobile port in to SIM swap.
    • By purchasing this item you allow us to contact you via email to get product activated.
    • SIM card must be activated within 30 days or you may lose the value on it.


    Return Policy

    • You are allowed to return the SIM card within 2 weeks from the order date. Reach out to our support team via Live chat or email for return authorization.
    • Customer will be responsible for return shipping cost.
    • SIM cards must not be opened or activated and must be in original packaging. There is no refund once SIM is activated or unpacked.
    • You are liable for any port in related issues from your previous carrier.
    • These SIM cards will work on unlocked GSM phones only. 


    What Phones can be used with Ultra Mobile?

    • To use Ultra Mobile service, you will need an unlocked GSM phone, which accepts Regular, Micro or Nano SIM card.
    • For voice and text, you need a tri-band or quad-band phone that supports either the 850mhz or 1900mhz frequency.
    • For high-speed data across our entire coverage area, your phone needs to support HSPA+ data settings.
    • Phones that support 1900/1700/2100 MHz, will get data at 3/4G and LTE speeds in most of the coverage areas.
    • Phones that support 850 MHz, will get data at 2G and Data in most of the coverage areas.
    • Once your account is activated, simply insert your SIM card into your device, make sure to update your data settings, and you will be good to go!


    Attention Wireless Retailers

    • These SIM cards are non-commissionable and wireless retailers are not allowed to buy Ultra Mobile SIM card from any of our listings. EZKonnect only allows max 5 SIM card purchase per order per end consumer. Your order will be cancelled if you purchase more than 5 SIM cards with any order.
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