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Even More International Minutes

uTalk from Ultra Mobile lets you enjoy up to 1,250 bonus minutes of talk to friends and family in 17 hand-picked INTL destinations—above and beyond our Unlimited 75+!

Available On Our $39 Plan

Using uTalk is easy! Just choose our $39 plan and check the list below for your uTalk destination of choice and monthly uTalk minutes. Call any or all of the 17 destinations and easily check your remaining uTalk balance in your account.

No additional credits or calling cards needed—it’s in the plan!

uTalk is immediately available to subscribers who purchase a new $39 plan starting on September 5, 2018. Subscribers on the plan before this date can enjoy uTalk by visiting their local Retailer to upgrade their plan at no extra cost!

More talk to the destinations you want—that's the power of uTalk!

How many numbers can I call with uTalk?
Each month you can call up to 10 unique phone numbers across any of the uTalk destinations. You can continue to call those 10 numbers throughout the course of the month, but cannot call any additional new numbers. This resets each time your plan renews so you can call the same 10, or 10 new numbers.

Can I call multiple uTalk countries?
Yes, you can use uTalk minutes to call any of the uTalk destinations. As you use your uTalk bonus minutes, all remaining minutes are adjusted, even those to destinations you may not be calling. You can view your currently remaining bonus minutes to each destination by logging into Account Management and clicking Check next to your uTalk balance.

International Roaming

Use your Ultra Mobile phone while traveling around the globe with our International Roaming feature! All Ultra Mobile subscribers get a one-time International Roaming credit, and pay just $0.25 cents per minute to make and receive calls while roaming internationally, just $0.05 to send an SMS text message from outside of the US, and $0.20 per MB of data. (Receiving SMS text messages is free while roaming outside the US.) Unused International Roaming balances carry over from month to month and never expire!


Want to add to your International Roaming balance? Do it with UpRoam! Just as with UpINTL, UpRoam allows Ultra Mobile subscribers to add money to their International Roaming balance in amounts of $5, $10 or $20 at a time. Subscribers can UpRoam by logging into their account online, texting ‘UPROAM’ to 6700, paying in person at an Ultra Mobile retail location or calling customer care by dialing 611.

Flat Rate for Texting*

$0.05/text (Outbound)
Free (Inbound)

*Flat Rate for Canada & Mexico
SMS $0.02/text (outbound)

Flat Rate for Calling*


*Flat Rate for Canada & Mexico
Voice $0.06/min

Flat Rate for Data*


*Flat Rate for Canada & Mexico
Data $0.06/MB

WiFi Talk & Text

There’s a great feature available to Ultra Mobile subscribers with select Android phones: WiFi Talk & Text! This allows you to use a WiFi network to make or receive calls and text messages. If you’re ever in an area with unpredictable coverage, like a basement, just connect to the nearest WiFi hotspot and use your Ultra Mobile phone to call or text over WiFi!

As of November 2016, this feature is only available on select Android phones. Learn more about WiFi Talk & Text by clicking the “Learn More” button below.

WiFi Calling Compatible Phones

Device Manufacturer TACs(First 8 digits of IMEI)
One Touch Fierce XL Alcatel 01445100; 01450400; 01455100
Catalyst Coolpad 86963002
Desire 530 HTC 35477407
Desire 626s HTC 35872006; 35267807; 35267907
HTC 10 HTC 35488107
One M9 HTC 35722806; 35981106
Nexus 6P Huawei 86768602; 86797902; 86798002
Hydro Wave Kyocera 01424900; 01424800
G Pad 8.0 LG 35628607
G Stylo LG 35838706; 35656707; 35838806
G3 LG 01408800; 01408900
G4 LG 35239207; 35910506
G5 LG 35672907; 35882907
K10 LG 35779507; 35847907
K7 LG 35256908; 35489007; 35943607; 35150108; 35586707; 35788507; 35969607
Leon LG 35405407; 35462607; 35956206; 35160807; 35659207; 35956306
Nexus 5X LG 35362607; 35398907
Stylo 2 Plus LG 35826907; 35885807
V10 LG 35401707
Lumia 640 Microsoft 35859706; 35781306
Nexus 6 Motorola 35545506; 35546706; 35546806
Galaxy Core Prime Samsung 35433507; 35502307; 35502407; 35563707; 35681407; 35913506; 35935406
Galaxy Grand Prime Samsung 35711807; 35734107; 35912806; 35525707; 35913006
Galaxy J7 Samsung 35721807; 35721707
Galaxy Note 3 Samsung 35382306; 35751805; 35891705
Galaxy Note 4 Samsung 35221807; 35230507; 35459406; 35609506
Galaxy Note 5 Samsung 35255707; 35375607; 35375707; 35403407; 35403507; 35600007
Galaxy Note Edge Samsung 35502406; 35903506
Galaxy On5 Samsung 35851107; 35869607; 35172208
Galaxy S 5 Samsung 35172407; 35188106; 35330006; 35342406; 35350306; 35350406; 35350506; 35368206; 35368306; 35753606; 35831806
Galaxy S 6 Samsung 35774606; 35935806; 35936106; 35936206; 35936306; 35936406; 35946206; 35946406; 35946506; 35232207; 35935906
Galaxy S 6 Edge Samsung 35773006; 35911606; 35914606; 35971506; 35971606; 35971706; 35971806; 35971906; 35972006; 35972106
Galaxy S 6 Edge+ Samsung 35256707; 35375207; 35375307; 35375407
Galaxy S 7 Samsung 35591607; 35775207; 35975407; 35975507; 35992507; 35851207; 35625107
Galaxy S 7 Edge Samsung 35616407; 35721907; 35775107; 35852107
Avid Plus ZTE 86862202; 86887502; 86015403

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Globe Unlimited

If you call the Philippines, you need to know about Globe Unlimited! This service allows unlimited calling to 5 different Philippine phone numbers on the Globe network, all for only $10 extra on your plan! All Ultra Mobile subscribers can add Globe Unlimited to their account for a single month or as a recurring charge every month, and of course all customers who use Globe Unlimited will still receive the unlimited international calling and other benefits included on their plan! Ultra Mobile subscribers can sign up for Globe Unlimited by logging into their account.

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