Make Calls to anywhere in Argentina from USA with Ultra

Talk to Friends and Family at low cost plans starting from $19.

Seamless Calling to Buenos Aires and all Other major cities.*


Unlimited Plans for Argentina

SMS Coverage

Claro, Movistar, Nextel

Call Me Free available from the following cities:

Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mar Del Plata, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Tucuman

International Calling to Argentina

So many ways to connect to Argentina, built into the plan.

  • International Talk & Text to Argentina.
    Call over 80+ countries and text the world, Unlimited.
  • Call Anywhere Credit
    Bonus call credit to the world. You've got a lot to say, so say it!
  • International Direct Dial,
    Call internationally by dialing direct. No pins, no extra steps.
  • Call Me Free
    Your Ultra number is a local call in over 80+ countries.

Calling Argentina from USA with Ultra


  • 54


  • 011 + 54

  • + 2–4 digit area code

  • + 6–10 digit local phone number

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