Ultimate International & LTE Product Refresh

Launch Date: July 1st, 2014

Ultra Mobile is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our latest product refresh this July 1st, 2014. This refresh continues our commitment to serving international communities within the US by upgrading our free included international calling plans, and by upgrading our data network to 4G LTE speeds.

  • Get ready for Ultra-Fast data
  • Get ready for Ultra-Unlimited International.
  • Get ready for better ways to stay connected at amazing rates!


Highlights of this refresh include:

  • Unlimited International Talk to over 40 countries including Canada, China, & Mexico.
  • Upgrading of our data to 4G LTE speeds.
  • $29 Plan Upgrade - Now with Unlimited International Talk & 500mb of 4G LTE Data
  • UltraUp 4G LTE Data – Subscribers wanting more 4G LTE can buy an additional 1GB for $10



4G LTE & Lower Data Upgrade Pricing!

Ultra Mobile has recently completed an upgrade of our data service, and what an upgrade it is. We now have 4G LTE data available to subscribers on our network.

Ultra uses a nationwide data network with 4G LTE available to over 200 million people. 4G LTE covers 230 Ultra cities, including our largest communities in NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, and Miami.

All 4G data speeds will be upgraded to 4G LTE on July 1st. New subscribers will get access to 4G LTE immediately, existing subscribers will be upgraded to 4G LTE on their next renewal date

In order to get 4G LTE speeds, subscribers must have a supported LTE device.

Our unlimited data speeds will remain at 128kbps once 4G LTE is exhausted.

Because we are so excited about our new network speeds, we are dropping prices on our UltraUp additional 4G LTE data purchases. UltraUp is perfect for anyone that needs more high speed data than is included in their monthly plan. Data can be purchased by texting BUYDATA to SMS short code 6700, calling care, or going to Ultra.me.

The chart below shows the additional data purchase options available for each plan.


UltraUp – Additional 4G LTE Data Chart



Talk & Text





100MB of 4G LTE Data




100MB of 4G LTE Data




1GB @ 4G




2GB @ 4G, Unlimited Data




2GB @ 4G, Unlimited Data




1st 1GB @ 4G LTE Speed




2GB of 4G LTE



$29 Plan Upgrades

One of the best things about our new amazing new features is how affordable they are. Imagine being able to talk and text over 3.5 billion people for free, to make unlimited calls to over 40 countries, AND get 500MB of 4G LTE data all for only $29. That’s Ultra Mobile.

As of July 1st, our $29 Plan will feature:

  • Unlimited International Talk & Text
  • 1000 Free International Minutes to 45 More Countries
  • $2.50 Call Anywhere Credit
  • 500 MB of 4G LTE data

New subscribers will get all of these features at the time of activation. Existing subscribers will be upgraded to the new features on their next renewal date.

Enjoy all the great new upgrades, and Make Life Ultra!

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