Ultra Mobile-Awesome Upgrade Promotion till April 21, 2014

3 Easy Steps for the Customer:

  • Sign Up for a Lower Cost Plan
  • Text Upgrade to 7770
  • Ultra will Upgrade you to the next plan up for Free: $10 value!

Promotion Details:

  • The Awesome Upgrade is only available for new subscribers who activate beginning April 10th for a limited time only…so hurry and take advantage of this incredible offer.
  • Subscribers must activate and pay for service before texting to 7770.
  • Subscribers will remain in the upgraded plan after their billing period ends and must pay for the full cost of the Upgraded plan after their renewal date unless they switch plans at a retail location, online at Ultra.me or by calling 611.
  • Subscribers who activate the $49 plan are not eligible for an Upgrade.

Other important info:

  • Customer plan will ONLY be upgraded if they text ‘UPGRADE’ to 7770

Aconfirmation text that plan has been upgraded will be sent. Example messaging for $29 to $39 Plan Upgrade:

  • Message 1: You just got an Awesome Upgrade to the $39 plan. Your $39 plan expires on May 10 at 11:59 PM. To switch back to the $29 plan, see your retailer or call 611.
  • Message 2: As part of plan change, we refresh your 4G data. If your mobile data does not work after renewal, restart your phone to fix.
  • Message 3: Your Ultra Mobile plan has changed from Ultra $29 to Ultra $39. Data plan changes can take several minutes to go into effect.

Other ways to validate plan change:

  • Check in Manage Subscriber on UltraAgents.com
  • Text ‘BAL’ to 7770 from customers phone to receive plan and expiration details

Non-eligible Plan Upgrades:

  • $49 is not eligible for an upgrade since this the highest plan we offer and will receive “Sorry you are not eligible for this promotion” message.
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