Ultra Mobile Service Updates

Ultra Mobile Rate Change – Bangladesh is no longer an Unlimited Destination - Effective 10/21/2015 Ultra offers options to fit your international calling needs around the world. As we continue to focus on delivering cost-effective international rates for our customers we would like to announce a rate change for Bangladesh callers. These new higher rates go into effect on October 21, 2015.


Our new rate is 1.5 cents / minute for both land and mobile minutes to Bangladesh. Bangladesh is no longer part of the Unlimited INTL Destination.


Some customers may see no or limited impact on their bill when they use INTL plan 1,000 free minutes and Call Anywhere Credits when calling Bangladesh. Please read below to see how you are affected.

Plan Use your 1,000 Free Minutes to call Bangladesh Use your Call Anywhere Credit to call Bangladesh Combined both Free Minutes & INTL CREDIT to call Bangladesh (minutes)
$19 Not included $1.25 83
$23 Not included $1.25 Not Included
$29 1000 $1.25 1166
$39 1000 $1.25 1416
$49 Not Included $1.25 Not Included


Please note that all rates are per minute. If you’re on the $29 plan, you can call home to Bangladesh using your free minutes and Call Anywhere credit for a total of 1,167 minutes – all included in your plan – no extra charge.


Our best value – for people that need to call more and like unlimited data – is the $49 plan – over 1,800 minutes between your 1,000 free minutes and your call anywhere credit – that’s over 1 hour/day of calling on your plan.


Once you have used the 1000 free international minutes, all International Destination Calls will be billed at posted per minute rates. If your Call Anywhere Credit is $0 and you want to make an international call, you can do so by adding INTL Call Credit to your wallet balance.

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