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My Account
  • If you are not on auto recharge, your account will be canceled automatically by our system 30-90 days after your plan expires.
  • If you are porting your phone number to a new carrier, you should complete the porting process and then our system will automatically turn your account off.
  • What is my username for the website?

    If you did not create an account on the website, then your username is your phone number. Otherwise it's a username that you picked. If you have forgotten it, you can have it emailed to you from our login page.

  • I don t know my password. How do I get it?

    Go to our login page, and you can have your password sent to you via email or SMS.

  • How can I switch from one plan to another?

    You can change your plan online at Ultra.me. Log in to your account and choose the option to change plans on the home page.

  • I ve lost my phone. I need to suspend my service.

    If you have lost your phone and need to suspend your service to prevent unauthorized use, contact customer service at 888-777-0446.

  • I ve lost my phone. How do I transfer my number to a new phone?

    To get your account and number transferred to a new phone, you will need to buy a new SIM card. You can order a new SIM by logging into your account or by purchasing one in store from a retailer.

    Once you have a new SIM Card, contact Customer Service at 888-391-4405 and they will move your number to the new SIM.

  • How do I cancel my service?

    Call customer service to cancel your service. Be sure to let them know if you are canceling your mobile service immediately or at the end of your service period.

  • What if I run out of minutes or data?

    UltraUp lets you buy more minutes or data by SMS, calling 611, or online at Ultra.me.

  • On the $19 plan, will the account automatically deduct money from the wallet for additional minutes when my minutes run out?

    No. You must manually add more minutes or data to your plan via UltraUp. Your plan will NOT automatically deduct money from your wallet for minutes or data.

  • Do Inbound and Outbound minutes count towards minute usage?

    Yes, a customers inbound and outbound both count towards minute balance on the $19 plan.

  • Does calling 611 use up my minutes?

    No. If you call 611 from your Ultra Mobile handset, your voice minutes will not be deducted.

  • What about international calling, voicemail, or 411?

    Yes. Your minutes will be deducted if you use any of those services.

  • What happens when I add more minutes or data to an account that already had minutes or data remaining?

    The UltraUp feature is additive for minutes, but not for data. When you Add More Minutes to an account, the minutes will be added in addition to whatever minutes the account currently has. For Add More Data, the new data will remove any prior unused 4G data. For example, if you buy 500MB of 4G data with UltraUp, but still had 50MB of data on your account, the new data will override the previous data. It is best to wait until your data is close to running out before adding more data.

  • Does UltraUp remove the data and minutes I had before?

    For data it will remove all prior 4G data. For minutes, new minutes will be added to current minutes.

  • How will I know if I am running out of minutes or data?

    Customers will receive SMS alerts when their data and minute usage reaches certain thresholds.

  • Data Notification: Ultra will SMS $19 & $29 Plan subscribers when they reach the 95% usage threshold. This includes on the 100MB ($19 Plan) or 1 GB ($29 Plan) of data included in this plan and on additional data purchases. Customers on unlimited data plans will get an SMS when 100% of their 4G data has been exhausted.
  • Minute Notification: Ultra will SMS $19 plan subscribers every time their voice minutes reach or fall below 25 minutes.
  • How can I check how many minutes are left on my $19 plan?

    You can check your current minutes, wallet, and international calling credit balance by texting BALANCE to 7770.

  • What if I have International Calling credit but no more minutes on my $19 plan?

    You cannot make international calls unless you have a balance in both parts of your account. You must purchase more minutes using UltraUp.

  • What if I have minutes left on my $19 plan but no more international calling credits?

    If you have used up your international calling credit, load a balance to your Ultra Wallet and you can continue to make international calls using your wallet balance.

  • Do I need to pay extra to get Ultra Zero?

    No, Ultra Zero is free on all of our plans ($29-49). See below for Ultra Zero details on our $19 plan.

  • How does Ultra Zero work on the $19 plan?

    Ultra Zero counts towards your domestic talk time. By having domestic minutes available on your plan you can use those minutes to call the selected Ultra Zero countries for no additional charge. When you UltraUp for additional talk time you also increase your Ultra Zero minutes (capped at 1,000 Min).

  • Think of it this way:

    As long as you have plan specific national talk credit available, you have access to Ultra Zero's 1,000 accumulative free talk minutes to the selected countries. For Example: 250 minutes of included National Talk can now be used towards calling China or Mexico landline for those 250 minutes. After these are used, you can buy additional National Talk minutes with UltraUp and apply these minutes to up to another 750 minutes of international calls to the Ultra Zero countries.

  • Unlimited Talk to the US and 30+ International Destinations
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • 100 MB of 4G LTE Data
  • $7.00 Call Anywhere Credit
  • Unlimited Calling to USA & 60+ Intl Destinations
  • Unlimited Domestic and Global Text
  • $2.50 Call Anywhere Credit
  • Unlimited Data, 1GB of 4G LTE
  • Unlimited Calling to USA & 30+ Intl Destinations
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • 2GB 4G LTE Data, unlimited data @128kbps
  • Unlimited Talk to the US and 60+ International Destinations
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • $15 One-Time International Roaming Credit
  • Unlimited Data with 5GB of 4G LTE and 2GB at 3G
  • Unlimited Calling to USA & 30+ Intl Destinations
  • Unlimited Domestic and Global Text
  • Unlimited Data with 2GB of 4G LTE and 2GB at 3G
  • $20.00 Call Anywhere Credit
  • $15 One-Time International Roaming Credit
Phone Services
  • Did you recharge your plan?
  • Have you run out of PAYGO balance?
  • Can you get a signal? You might be outside our coverage area.
  • If this is a new phone on Ultra Mobile or youve just upgraded to data, then you most likely need to configure your data settings. Click on the data settings tab on this page and follow the instructions for your phone.
  • If your phone has been using data on Ultra Mobile and stopped then its possible that:
  • Your PAYGO plan has run out of data and needs to purchase more.
  • Your phone has gotten stuck on the network. Try shutting it down and restarting.
  • You have traveled outside our coverage area.
  • If you have lost your phone and need to suspend your service (calling, data, SMS usage) immediately to prevent unauthorized use, call 888-777-0446 right away.
  • To resume your service, contact customer care. If cannot find your phone, you will need to order a replacement SIM online or purchase on at a dealer near you.
  • If you have forgotten your voicemail password and need to have it reset, dial #793# and hit send. You can also reset your voicemail password by logging into the account management area.
  • Have you purchased a plan yet?
  • Did you complete the activation process online or in store?
  • Are you using a compatible unlocked GSM phone?
  • Is this a new SIM and was not used with a previous account?

Your SIM should work if the answer to all of these is yes.

  • Do I need to sign a contract?

    Nope. Ultra Mobile does not believe in contracts. All of our plans are prepaid. Find the right plan for you on our plans page.

  • Do you charge an activation fee?

    Ultra Mobile does not charge any activation fees.

  • How long does my monthly plan run for?

    Your monthly plan is good for 30 days from activation or your monthly recharge date. Monthly recharge takes place at 12:00 AM Pacific Time each night. If you activate your plan on June 1st, then it will be good through June 30th and renew on July 1st at 12:00 AM Pacific.

    We will send you SMS reminders ahead of your renewal date.

  • How can I pay my monthly bill?

    There are several ways you can pay your monthly service charge:

  • Online: You can pay online via credit card by logging into your account. Look for the Recharge link in the left menu.
  • In Stores:  You can use cash to instantly recharge your monthly plan by visiting any of our retailers that offer recharge.
  • Over The Phone: You can use an Airtime Recharge Card or your credit card to recharge your plan over the phone. Dial 222 from your mobile or 888.391.4405 to recharge by phone.
  • Can I set my plan up to renew automatically?

    Yes. If you enter your credit card on our website, you can have your plan renew each month automatically.

  • What happens if I do not renew my plan on time?

    If you do not pay your bill before your renewal date, we will suspend your account. When your account is suspended you will not be able to make or receive calls or SMS and you will not be able to use data. Emergency calls to 911 and calls to our 611 customer care line will still work.

  • How long will my account be in suspend if I don’t pay my bill?

    You have 30 days to make your payment after your account goes into suspend. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee that your number will still be assigned to your account. After 60 days, your number will  be hard deleted from our system and not retrievable.

  • Have you checked the porting status by logging into your account?
  • Have you been waiting less than 72 hours for your port to complete?
  • Porting requests can take up to 72 hours for your existing carrier to release your number to Ultra.
  • Is your credit card in good standing and not expired?
  • Have you tried recharging your service through our website?
  • Did you check your account to make sure you are opted into auto recharge?
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Pay Ultra Bill
  • If you are using a credit card, is the card up to date with a good balance?
  • If you are using an Airtime Recharge Card, is the card new and unused?
  • Is your plan in good standing or been suspended for under 30 days?
  • What is my Ultra Wallet?

    The wallet controls balance based purchases on Ultra Mobile. Three Ultra Mobile products make use of the customer wallet:

  • UltraUp: Buy More Minutes
  • UltraUp: Buy More Data
  • Additional international calling credit

    Buy More Minutes - Buy More Minutes is available on our $19 Plan. It provides customers with the ability to purchase additional minutes beyond the 1000 minutes included in their monthly plan. This is perfect for customers who do not need unlimited voice minutes and want the flexibility to buy more minutes as they need them.

    Buy More Data - Buy More Data is available on all of our plans ($19-$49). It provides our customers with the ability to purchase from 100 to 500 MB of additional 4G data.

    International Calling Credit-The balance can be used for international calling once the customer has exhausted any included monthly international calling credit. This is billed on a usage basis as international calls are made.

  • How is my wallet loaded?

    The Ultra Wallet can be loaded 3 different ways:

  • With Cash: Visit an Ultra Mobile retailer to load your wallet using cash. Tell the retailer to load your Ultra Wallet and not recharge your monthly service.
  • Via Credit/Debit Card: Dial 611 or login to your account at Ultra.me to load your wallet using a credit or debit card.
  • Airtime Recharge Cards: You can redeem airtime recharge cards by dialing 222 or texting RECHARGE plus the PIN code to 7770.
  • What is the minimum and maximum amounts I can load to the wallet at any one time?

    The minimum wallet load amount is $2.50. The maximum is $50.

  • Is there a maximum balance that can be put on you wallet?

    Yes. The maximum balance for a wallet is $200.

  • Does a wallet balance expire?

    Your Ultra wallet balance will roll over from one month to the next. You do not need to use up your wallet balance in any set period of time. If for instance you add $10.00 one month and only make $5.00 of UltraUp purchases, you can use the rest the next month for UltraUp or international calling.

  • What Is UltraUp?

    UltraUp is a new feature from Ultra Mobile that lets customers buy more 4G data or more minutes for their plan. UltraUp is perfect for subscribers who find they need more data or minutes than their monthly plan provides or who prefer to buy these services on demand.

  • Buy More Data

    The Buy More Data feature is available on all of our plans. It provides our customers with the ability to purchase from 100 to 500 MB of additional 4G data.

    $19 and $29 Plans: The $19 and $29 plans come with 100MB of 4G data and 500MB of 4G data, respectively, and do not have unlimited data afterwards. When your data is used up, mobile data stops working. With UltraUp, subscribers who want to continue using 4G data can buy 50 ($2.50), 250 ($5.00), or 500MB ($10.00) of additional data.

    $39 and $49 Plans: These plans come with unlimited data at 128kbps. Our $39 and $49 plans also include 500MB and 1GB of 4G data respectively. Our Buy More Data feature now allows these plans to purchase an additional 500MB of 4G data for $10.00.

    If you use up the additional 4G data that you bought with UltraUp, your mobile data will return to the unlimited 128kbps data speed on your plan.

    Duration: Additional 4G data is valid from the moment of purchase until your current monthly billing period ends. At the start of your next billing period, your data is reset to the default data plan on your service. New data purchases will override all current monthly 4G data, so it is best to wait until all 4G data is used before purchasing more data.

    Immediacy: Additional data is applied to your plan immediately upon purchase. Any existing 4G data on your current data plan is overridden.

    Buy More Data is available 3 ways:

  • Text BUYDATA to 7770 from customers Ultra phone.
  • By logging into customers account on Ultra.me
  • Or by calling 611 from customers Ultra phone.
  • Buy More Minutes

    Buy More Minutes is available on our $19 Plan. It provides customers with the ability to purchase additional minutes beyond the 1000 minutes included in their monthly plan. This is perfect for customers who do not need unlimited voice minutes and want the flexibility to buy more minutes as they need them.

    Additional minutes cost 2 cents per minute and can be bought in 50 Minute ($1.00), 125 Minute ($2.50) or 250 Minute ($5.00) bundles.

    Buy More Minutes is available 3 ways:

  • Text BUYMINS to 7770 from your Ultra phone.
  • By logging into your customer account on Ultra.me
  • Or by calling 611 from your Ultra phone.
  • UltraUp And The Ultra Wallet

    To best way buy more data or more minutes with UltraUp is to first load your Ultra Wallet. This way you can UltraUp on the go via text message or by calling 611. To learn more about how the Ultra Wallet works and how to load your wallet, visit the My Ultra Wallet & Balance section of these FAQs.

Sim Types
  • Brand New Ultra Mobile Sim Card - Dual Cut comes in original retail packaging. This Sim card can be used with phones which accepts standard sim cards or Micro Sim card.
  • Brand New Ultra Mobile Sim Card - Nano comes in original retail packaging. This Sim card can be used with phones which accepts standard sim cards or Micro Sim card.
  • Brand New Ultra Mobile Sim Card - Micro comes in original retail packaging. This Sim card can be used with phones which accepts standard sim cards or Micro Sim card.
  • Ultra Mobile triple punch SIM card comes with the standard, Micro and Nano SIM all in one card. Select the size you need and your phone will work great with any of our Ultra Mobile Plans. If you have a phone that takes a nano SIM, press the smallest size card out of the SIM card holder, and put that in your phone. Micro SIM compatible with majority of newer mobile phones and smartphones. Nano SIM compatible with iPhone 5/5s AND 6/6 plus. No more guessing if you are ordering the right size SIM. All SIMs ordered online are all triple punch SIMs. If you have a phone that takes a micro SIM, press the medium size card out of the SIM card holder, and place that in your phone. Flexibility to change devices when you need and there is no need for SIM cutter. As far as function, there is no difference between SIM cards. The only real difference is the size.
Calling Rates
  • Have you checked to see if you have international credit remaining on your account?
  • Is the country you are trying to call included in our list of destinations?
  • Are you dialing the number correctly? International dialing format is 011, then the country code, then the phone number i.e. 011918025212222
  • Ultimate International is a feature that lets you make free international calls. Ultimate International is available on all plans.

There are two types of destinations in Ultimate International:

  • Unlimited International Talk
  • 1000 Free International Minutes
  • Unlimited International Talk covers up to 60 countries including USA, Canada, China, and Mexico. Unlimited plans can talk as much as they want whether its across town or across the world.
  • 1000 Free International Minutes gives you 1000 minutes of free calling to another 15 destinations, including Mexico Mobile, Bangladesh, DR, India and Nigeria.
  • Unlimited Data Plans:

Our unlimited data plans all include a fixed amount of 4G LTE data and then unlimited data at lower speeds afterwards.

Included 4G LTE data per unlimited data plans:

  • $39 – 2GB
  • $49 – 1GB

Our high speed data will always attempt to use 4G LTE speeds first. In certain locations or network conditions, 4G LTE will not be available. When that happens we will use 3G data. Both 4G LTE & 3G data count towards your included high speed data. If you use up your high speed data allotment, you can purchase additional high speed data.

What speed is your unlimited data at?

Our unlimited data is at 128kbp speed for the $39 and $49 plans. This speed provides for basic internet needs such as browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, sending and receiving picture messages, checking social networks, and streaming online music. If you have an older phone or are a lighter smart phone user this speed will meet your browsing needs.

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