Connect with World anywhere there’s WiFi with Ultra Mobile WiFi Talk & Text Feature

Ultra Mobile brings some more wonderful news for its subscribers, Ultra introduces one more very exciting feature WiFi Talk & Text for its current & new subscribers! With Ultra Mobile WiFi Talk & Text feature one can connect to the world anywhere there’s a WiFi available with selected Android Devices.

WiFi Talk & Text allows user to use a WiFi network for making or receiving calls and text messages. This features mainly helps people who are out of coverage areas or having limited coverage with their Ultra network but connected to a WiFi network. Once, connected with a WiFi network user can able to call or text using that WiFi connection. Also, if a subscriber is traveling abroad & have secure access to WiFi network, then he/she can use WiFi to make phone calls without spending their Roaming credit!

Before a user wants to use Ultra’s WiFi Talk & Text feature he/she has to register an e911 address on their account. The prompt for e911 address registration will appear automatically for new Ultra Mobile subscribers during their online activation.

As per today, many Android Phone users are applicable for this new Ultra Mobile WiFi Talk & Text feature. Ultra subscribers need two things for opting this WiFi Talk & Text feature: a supported Android Device & right SIM card. If users SIM card does not support WiFi Talk & Text then user will be intimated once he register his/her e911 address. Once Ultra receives notification that user SIM card cannot make WiFi Calls, then user will immediately get an information on how to request new WiFi Calls supported SIM card from Ultra Mobile.

If you've got any queries about this Ultra’s WiFi Talk & Text feature, feel free to contact us at any time. You can chat online with a representative by clicking the Live Chat option on the website or send us an email at

Please Note: Regular per-minute call rate will be applicable on WiFi calls. Here is the list of Android Phones that currently supports WiFi Talk & Text feature of Ultra Mobile.