Ultra Mobile Introduces Updated & New Plans

In recognition of increasing importance & use of Data, Ultra mobile has introduced Unlimited Data with 1 GB at 4G LTE Speed with their $29 Plan. Other major things that are updated in $29 Plan are unlimited national calling, unlimited global text, and unlimited international calling to over 60 destinations including India, China, Mexico, Canada, etc. So, Ultra Mobile $29 Plan is a great choice for those who are looking for more international calling destinations plus high speed unlimited data.

Next in the list is Ultra mobile $44 Plan. Ultra mobile $44 Plan is an ideal choice for those who loves more Call-Anywhere Credit & Unlimited data. The new $44 Plan includes unlimited data with 1 GB of 4G LTE speed, plus $20 of Call-Anywhere credit. Ultra Mobile this $44 plan also includes unlimited international calling to USA and 30+ destinations including Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., plus unlimited worldwide texting.

Last but not the least is Ultra Mobile $19 Plan. Ultra Mobile $19 plan is ideal choice for those who only needs unlimited international calling and some call-anywhere credit. Ultra mobile $19 Plans now includes unlimited international calling to USA and 30+ destinations including Argentina, China, Ireland, Thailand, etc., plus $1.25 call-anywhere credit. With ultra mobile $19 plan one also get 100MB of High Speed 4G LTE data, plus unlimited worldwide texting.

By increasing the international destinations for free unlimited calling, Ultra Mobile continues to provide competitive calling plans to its users meeting their various needs. Current subscribers on Ultra Mobile's $19, $29 and $44 Plans will have the option to keep using their existing plans or switch to new one.

For more information about Ultra Mobile plans please visit Ezkonnect.com.