Ultra Mobile Introduces Updated & New Plans

Ultra Mobile Plans include an exclusive feature which helps customers to stay connected with their loved ones all the time whether they are using Ultra Mobile number or not. This awesome feature of Ultra is known as CALL ME FREE.

Call Me Free lets Ultra Mobile customers give their family and friends in 44 countries a local access number which they can use to call Ultra Mobile users using any type of phone (landline, mobile, or VOIP) for the same rate as a local call in their city. Once the caller dialed local access number of the respective country he/she will be asked to enter the Ultra Mobile subscriber's number and the call will be accomplished at no extra cost to the caller or Ultra Mobile customer.

Call Me Free feature of Ultra Mobile is available with all three Ultra plans; the $29 monthly plan with unlimited voice, text and data in USA & other 60+ countries, the $39 monthly plan with unlimited talk, messaging, unlimited data and 1,000 minutes of international calling.

The $49 monthly plan comes with unlimited talk, messaging, first 1GB of fast data and 1,000 minutes of international calling. The Local access numbers will be available in 44 countries including Canada, Mexico, many Latin American and European Countries, etc. Complete list of covered countries and access numbers are here.