Best Cell Phone Plans While Traveling to USA

Many people often travel to US for different activities/purposes in their lives. Moving to a new place, especially a different country can be thrilling & terrifying all at once. The first thing while travelling to USA comes to one’s mind is about “how to get connected with your loved ones at your native place.” has a solution for you.

In today’s time,we all carry our cell phone to virtually every place we go. Cell Phones while travelling overseas, could be a lifesaver and make our travel hassle free. All the latest GSM cell phones are mostly quad-band.Quad-band generally refers to a device that supports 4 different GSM frequency bands. A quad-band device will work pretty much anywhere in the world where there is GSM service.

Travelling to US could be little expensive to visit & stay! Thus, it becomes very difficult for the traveler to use their personal cell phone on roaming. It is extremely expensive too. To avoid unnecessary cell phone charges, we suggest you to plan ahead. You could order a prepaid SIM card with a suitable cell phone plan before you hand in the US. There are a lot of options out there and not everyone is aware that you have more choices than just paying high call charges with your existing provider.

Though, there are many options to opt for but we at EZKonnect bring best & affordable calling plans for US travelers. EZKonnect is an eCommerce partner of ultra Mobile. Ultra Mobile plans are designed for people who wants unlimited International calling. EZKonnect with Ultra Mobile provides international calling options that connect people with their extended families living around the world.

We recommend $19 plan which provides you unlimited calling to 11 countries including China, Mexico, France, Canada, Israel, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, Portugal, Venezuela, etc.

If you are travelling from India, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, etc. then the next plan is $29 which provides 1GB 4G LTE data as well.