International Roaming with Univision Mobile

Univision Mobile, a nationwide mobile plan provider joined hands to bring unlimited international calling and global text to the consumers. Now consumers living in The US can get connected to their loved ones in Latin America & other countries including Mexico, China, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Sweden, etc. with Univision Unlimited Calling Plans.

With Univision Mobile, Customers can now do international calling from the US to mobile or land lines in almost any country, including Latin American countries and Argentina, Austria, Chile, Ireland, Greece, etc. They can also use Roaming service in 15 countries that includes Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, etc. at no extra charge. You take your phone and just visit without switching to any local device.

Univision Mobile has 3 different plans at $20, $30 and $50 Plans for the customers to get connect with their friends & family in Latin America and around the world.

International roaming is getting very popular now days and other carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T are having Roaming features or plans for their consumers. Univision Mobile is an expert in this field, they have been providing international roaming feature for a long period of times in many countries such as Dominican Republic, Spain, Peru, Honduras, Brazil, etc. Just take your phone to any of the following countries with enough credit and it will work without any switching.

We recommend $20 Plan, which provides unlimited international calling to 9 countries including Spain, China, Canada, Mexico, etc.

If you are travelling from Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, etc. then the next plan is $30 which provides 1GB data at 3GB speed and unlimited data at slow speed after that.