FreeUp Mobile Prepaid Plans

FreeUP, a MVNO on AT&T's network, works by offering low-cost plans that can be paid for Unlimited Global Talking & Messaging to 150+ INTL Countries.

FreeUP runs on a premium Tier 1 network. That means coverage to over 99% of the population. 325 million people are covered by our voice & data service with 317 million covered by our 4G LTE.

Top Features of FreeUP Mobile:

  • Blazing Fast 4G LTE Network

  • No Speed Restrictions

  • Access to 4 Million Hotspots

  • Unlimited International Calling & Messaging

FreeUP Mobile offer 4 different plans. Below are the Plan details:

Talking within USA YES YES YES YES
INTL Talk to 150+ Countries YES YES YES YES
Global Texting YES YES YES YES
4G Data - 1GB 2GB 3GB

Why FreeUP?

  • Ultra-dependable Tier-1 GSM 4G LTE Network

  • Wide-open LTE Data Speeds up to 50Mbps

  • Keep your GSM phone and mobile number

  • Plans that start at only $15/month

  • Access to over 4 million complimentary hotspots. (You can find a map of locations Here)

  • Free Unlimited International Calling to 150+ countries.

If you've got any question about these FreeUP Mobile Prepaid Plans, feel free to contact us at any time. You can chat online with us via live chat by clicking the Live Chat option on the website or send us an email at