International Roaming with Ultra Mobile!!!

Ultra Mobile, a nationwide mobile plan provider brings wonderful feature of International Roaming for its current & new consumers. Now consumers living in The US get a new way to use their Ultra Mobile phone while traveling internationally.

Ultra Mobile announces International Roaming feature on every Ultra Mobile plan, providing one-time international roaming credit to its existing as well as new subscribers at no extra cost. The existing Ultra subscribers will get their one-time international roaming credit on the first day of their next billing cycle & new subscriber’s will get their International Roaming credit on the first day of their activation.

With Ultra Mobile new international roaming feature one can make and receive calls & messages outside The US in more than 140 countries. The Ultra subscriber will have to pay 0.25¢ per minute to make & receive calls while roaming internationally and just 0.05¢ to send an SMS text message from outside US, receiving SMS messages are free while International Roaming. This amount will be deducted from subscriber’s International Roaming balance.

Also, the unused Roaming balance carries over from month to month, and does not expire! Following are the International Roaming credits that will add to each subscriber’s phone according to their plan:

  • $19 plan: $5.00
  • $24 plan: $10.00
  • $29 plan: $10.00
  • $34 plan: $10.00
  • $39 plan: $10.00
  • $44 plan: $15.00
  • $54 plan: $15.00

If you've got any queries about this new International Roaming feature, feel free to contact us at any time. You can chat online with a representative by clicking the Live Chat option on the website or send us an email at